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Minions Paradise – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide

Minions Paradise is a new city building game for the iOS and Android platform. Your minions have been shipwrecked on a remote deserted island, but now they want to party, so your goal is to build the island into the ultimate party paradise for minions. The bigger and better it becomes, the more minions you’ll attract to the island, making the parties even bigger and wilder. Read on for some tips and tricks for Minions Paradise!

Experience points (AKA Party Points) can be a bit few and far between to come by, so make sure that you are always firing up the Paradise Piñata and other distractivity buildings so that you can earn them for free. In addition, buy decorations and then sell them in the marketplace. Buying them gives you instant party points, while selling them gives you a portion of your sand dollars back. Do this over and over for fast and easy leveling.

Completing quests will also give you levels, but once you build two or more distractify buildings, especially ones which provide a lot of party points at a time, you can just reload them and check the game every once in awhile. Play the Fishing Frenzy as often as possible so that you can maximize the Sand Dollars and the party points.

Try to put as many of your minions to work at a time as possible. Even if you don’t need a particular item for a quest at the moment, produce it anyways. You might end up needing it for a quest later on, and when you already have it, you’ll instantly get the reward for said quest.

The game is designed so that particular items, such as the fountain, are unlocked after certain quests. So if an item says “Unlock after level 5” or some other level, then you reach that level and can’t unlock it, just keep completing quests. The item will show up shortly. Expect this glitch to be fixed in a future update to the game.

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An easy way to manage all of your production buildings is, instead of tapping around the map, tap one thing (such as the coconut tree) and you’ll see arrows next to the name in the popup. Tap on one of the two arrows to scroll around the list of production buildings. The same is true for the Distractivities buildings as well. Post a minion at one, then tap the arrow to move to another one and post a minion there, too.