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Dungeon Keeper (iOS/Android): How to win without spending any real-life money, page 2

Resources are really easy to get, so there is no need to spend any real life money on them. Most other players in the game will leave their resource storage areas (the treasuries and the stone storages) in the same place as they were put during the tutorial. Gold treasuries are usually left COMPLETELY unprotected, so if you need to rack up more gold (which you will need to do, since you train so many troops), send in a few minions through the bottom spawn point and knock out their gold treasury, then bail. Repeat as many times as you need to in order to fill your gold stash.

The same thing can be done for the stone storage by placing your minions in the top spawn point, or the dungeon heart by placing your minions in the left and right spawn points, whichever one is the most sparsely defended. Best to send in a few skeletons to spring traps, trolls to destroy the traps, then your main troops to do the main damage. Or just unlock the most powerful troops and send ’em in.

Once you have the guard post, you can train immortal minions, which won’t die after battle. Once you have the training ground, you can power up your existing minions (not the immortals, though), which will increase their effectiveness in battle. And once you are in a guild, you will be able to borrow minions from your fellow guild members, and let them borrow your minions.

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Maximize your defenses by moving your treasuries and stone storages closer to your dungeon heart (which is where your troops will be stationed), maximizing your workshops so that you can have more traps and more defensive trolls, and surrounding your main buildings with any additional building that has defensive capabilities. Make use of your traps and your blockades (doors, reinforced walls).

Move your paths around, too, and block off every useful route possible to make three out of the four main spawn points VERY inconvenient for other players to use. Plus, when you are defending in the campaign mode, use your magic spells (which are unlocked in the dark library) to destroy as many enemy troops as possible, and to destroy defending minions when you are the attacker.

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