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Dungeon Keeper (iOS/Android) Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Dungeon Keeper is the first mobile entry in the long-dormant franchise that Electronic Arts has recently revived. This iteration of the game plays as a Clash of Clans style game, but with an added dash of DIY tower defense gameplay, such as digging your own paths to the goods. Your goal is to raid other keepers’ dungeons, both player-controlled ones and the campaign ones, and to protect your own dungeon from getting raided, while stashing away the gems, gold and stone. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dungeon Keeper!

Defending your dungeon is made much easier by the tunnel-digging aspect of the game. You probably already know that the most important areas to protect are the dungeon heart, treasury, warehouse, but you can take it a step further by redirecting the paths to each one. Use fill dirt to fill in the stock paths, then use your imps to dig out longer, more convoluted paths. Make sure that the paths are within range of your defensive towers as well.

Still getting beaten or not sure if your dungeon is strong enough, even with all of the traps placed, and a good number of defensive buildings? Test your dungeon (the button is in the raid menu in the top corner). Send in your minions from all possible spawn points and see if your defenses kill them (don’t worry, you get them back after the test. The only thing that you lose is the gold that was spent to conduct the test in the first place.

When attacking enemy dungeons, change up your strategy depending on their defenses. For players, defenses can be completely random. If you are attacking someone with loads of traps placed, send in your trolls first to deal with them (and with defensive rooms). Let them take ’em out or distract them, then send in bile demons, which do huge damage to resources, and vampires, which do huge damage to the dungeon heart, or (if you are not that far yet), any of the troops who attack the “closest room”, so that they can run through unhurt. Skeletons would be an example of this kind of troop.

Gold and stone can both be earned through your quarries and mines, and both can be upgraded; however, gold is most important, because you’re going to spend large amounts of it on troops, so upgrade gold mines and treasuries first, and to the highest level.

Run out of gems and want to load up on the free ones? Tap on the “star” logo to find a list of achievements and start knocking them out one by one, then claiming the rewards. And if your imps aren’t busy, send them into the gem vains and hard gem vains for loads of free gems. Gems can also come from digging up regular dirt, so load up on fill dirt, dig it out, fill it up again, dig it out again, and repeat as often as you like.

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