Empire Fleet – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

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Empire Fleet is a new MMO strategy game for the iOS – think of it as Kingdoms of Camelot, except it’s on the water. Your goal in this game is to collect resources, build up your fleet, and then use your ships to attack outside wilds and other players’ islands. Then, you join an alliance and attempt to dominate the world and the server you’re in. Read on for some tips and tricks for Empire Fleet!

The battle system is similar to other MMO strategy games, but unlike most, you are limited in how many ships you can take on a raid by your leadership (which can be increased when you earn leadership books). However, you CAN send out as many fleets at different times as you want to. Tough players will be weakened with every attack, so the solution is to send multiple fleets in very short succession, so that they don’t have enough time to recover their ships in between attacks. Pound away until you win.

Even better, while there are not that many players who have abandoned the game yet, many abandoned cities do exist, and many more will pop up, especially on older servers. Look for any city that is completely unguarded yet is still producing resources, and raid it for all it’s got. Come back whenever you want to for even more resources, at least until the server deletes them for being inactive.

Defending your empire is done by stationing a fleet of ships there, but you can also auto-defend by going to Options > Settings > Automatically Reinforce the Defending Fleet. This will ensure that you’re always immediately at full protection after your ships are done being constructed. However, leave this off if your current goal is to build your fleet and lose none of them until you’re ready to battle.

Spend the first seven days upgrading as quickly as possible, because that’s when you have the beginner protection, and if you haven’t already done this and your protection is gone, then start upgrading anyways to make up for it. The more that you upgrade the command center, the more that you can upgrade your dock, which means you can build better ships, not to mention other functional buildings.

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If you’re too far behind on the server you’re on, check the server list and go to the newest server that you can, or when a new server becomes available, go to it. Do this to give yourself a head start, especially when you have the gold to form your own alliance right from the get-go.

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