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Clear Vision 3 – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Clear Vision 3 is the third game in the iOS and Android version of what started off as an ultra-popular game series on Newgrounds. The premise is much the same as the first two – you are a professional assassin who takes people out for profit, but this one includes more missions, new jobs that you can do (legit jobs and criminal jobs), and a wider range of weapon upgrades. Read on for some cheats and tips for Clear Vision 3!

Energy runs out very quickly, especially in the later stages. However, go to your date and time settings on your phone or tablet, and simply set the time ahead by an hour for a full refill of your energy. Once you set the time back to normal, you’ll keep all of the energy that you got for free.

The same trick works for when you have to lay low after failing a crime job. Set the time ahead to cancel out the lay low time, so that you can do the job right away again. Do this as many times as you want, and you can essentially earn unlimited money.

Can’t see well enough on the iPhone version of the game? Go to the Accessibility setting, and there will be a setting to zoom in on anything you want to. Enable this setting and zoom in on smaller targets to make it easier to aim and fire.

Want to avoid having any fails on any missions, so that you can get the highest score possible? As soon as you know that you’ve failed a mission, immediately hit the pause button and then hit either Restart or Apartment before the fail screen comes on. Then, once you beat the mission, your score will be higher and you’ll have zero failed attempts against you.

Once you hit East Sleeze, you’ll get deliveries at the freight depot every 2 1/2 hours or so. You can set the time ahead to speed these deliveries along, as well. Since the deliveries often include tokens, you can get unlimited money AND tokens by doing this consistently.

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