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Clear Vision for iPhone: Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide


Clear Vision is a game for the iPhone where you, as a resident of BumVille who has been fired from his job, is broke, and can’t get any other jobs, decides to try his hand as a hitman. Your main weapons are various assortments of sniper rifles, and using that assortment, you go through various missions trying to kill your target or targets as swiftly and effectively as possible. This game is based off of the Clear Vision series of games for browsers that run on the Flash platform.

There are two versions of this game, the free Clear Vision (12+) and the pay-to-own Clear Vision (17+) The difference is that in the 17 and up version, you get to see all of the blood, whereas in the 12+ version, almost all of the blood is censored out. Also, there are only around 6 stages to complete in Clear Vision 12, but Clear Vision 17 has far more stages to complete – two chapters in total. Chapter 1 is open right away, but for chapter 2, they try to open it up only to those who have rated the game in the app store.

At the beginning of the game there is an introductory movie and a tutorial. You can skip both if you want, but it is not recommended to skip the tutorial, as it teaches you how to calculate for wind and distance when you are shooting, which is a good skill to have in later missions. Later on, you can skip literally every cut scene and tutorial that you want to, which will speed up the game if you play through it a second time.

When you are in your apartment, there are generally two different things that you can click on. One of them is the newspaper, with stories that change after every mission, with one of the stories on the front page reflecting the person who you just assassinated. The next room over always has a piece of paper on the floor, and on that piece of paper is your next mission, and how much you’ll get paid in US Dollars for completing the mission.

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