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Clear Vision (17+) iPhone game guide: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Clear Vision is an excellent sniper shooting game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Once a broke janitor who was constantly getting abused and pushed around by his boss, before being fired and then turned down for every job that you apply for, you have decided to become a hitman in order to make some extra cash. This is the full, paid version of the game, which has now been made free for an (allegedly) limited time – however, if you read this article and it’s back to pay, just know that it’s worth the purchase. Read on for some tips and tricks for Clear Vision (17+)!

After you have beaten chapter one, you can then go to the chapter select menu and it will give you the option to play chapter two. If, however, you tap chapter two in order to try to play it, you will be told that you have to rate the game in order to play it. Tap okay to rate the game. You’ll then be taken to the App Store. Instead of rating the game though, simply click out of the App Store and go back to the game. You will now be able to play chapter two without having rated the game. This trick will also get rid of the constant pop ups that prompt you to rate the game.

If you fail a mission once (or multiple times), but you are worried about losing your high score or your perfect mission streak, don’t just hit “restart” when you are prompted to go again. Instead, go back to your apartment or to the house, depending on which chapter of the game you are in. Then, once you are back in the apartment or house, go back to the sheet of paper with the mission on it (or to your email box, depending on where you are) and start the mission over again.

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