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Moleheart iPhone game guide: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Moleheart is a new tower defense game from Gamevil Inc, that takes many a cue from a certain Mel Gibson movie with a similar name. You play as William (yes, another allusion to Braveheart) and your goal is to take back your land. While it starts off faily easy, it ends up getting extremely difficult very quickly, and you’re left with a game that only the best can win! Read on for some tips and tricks, though, if you want to be the best!

One of the best strategies that you can execute for the first two worlds is also one of the simplest and cheapest. Upgrade the Sword Man to the maximum level that you can get him to (at least the maximum one that you can get him to without having to change his rank), and then start the game. Then, go out and start trying to fight as many of the enemy characters as you can with just William. Once they push you to about 1/2 to 1/3 of the way across the level, start releasing Sword Men as quickly as you possibly can, and watch them flood the level, ripping through anything they come across.

When you start off the game, intentionally lose the game two times in a row. If you do, “the king” will give you 5,000 gold to keep your fighting spirits up, which early on in the game, can give you a huge edge.

Once you unlock the Warrior (the one who rides on the back of a cow), change the strategy up a bit. Send out a warrior or two, and then let him absorb hits, since he has a massive amount of hit points to begin with. Then, send out archers and sword men (and wizards, too, if you are patient enough to wait for the crystal to recharge that much) and let them stay safe while they’re attacking, while the warriors are taking hits. Of course, once you get the shield magic, use that to simply amplify the effect even further.