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OMG: TD! (Oh My Gods: Tower Defense) Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 2: More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Welcome to part 2 of the OMG: TD! tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part one of the guide.

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Challenge levels in general are extremely difficult to beat, but some of them are actually surprisingly easy. For example, the first challenge level in the whole game has only three stages and requires that you use the lightning from the temple of Zeus at the exact right times. The right time to use the lightning is when the little swarms of hopping heads are attacking. The gods are already placed in the stage before you even begin play, so there’s one thing that you don’t even have to think about.

For the rest of the challenge stages, you will have different goals, such as breaking all of the rocks in a single stage. Prepare depending on the challenge (for example, make liberal use of Ares when you have a lot of big tank enemies or a lot of rocks to break, or use plenty of Zeuses for swarms of small enemies).

Fill the entire stage with gods as quickly as possible, even at the expense of god upgrades. Make use of the placement damage upgrades (I.E. When you put a god down, they damage or stun all surrounding enemies) to take care of huge swarms.

An easy cheat to kill enemies quickly would be to take Ares and upgrade his Party Crasher skill as high as you can. Wait for a huge swarm of enemies (or create a huge swarm by having Chione clog things up, then place Ares down and have him deal huge damage. Then sell him to get back around half of your coins, then place him again to do the splash damage again. Repeat as often as you like, especially if the party crasher upgrade is high enough to make the damage sky high.

Check out the achievements if you want a quick way to earn more souls. Achievements can be seen by tapping the picture of Daedalus in the upper left corner of the screen when you are on the main map.

The automatons can act as an additional hero when they come back to life on any of the stages that they’re at. When an automaton walks off of its previous spot, place a god on its old spot so that it can’t go back. Then it will stay alive permanently for the rest of the stage, attacking any enemies that cross its path. Oftentimes, its attacks will be even stronger than your hero’s attacks.

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