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Adventure Town (iOS/Android): How to get more craft items and goods

Even though there are two forms of currency in Adventure Town, there is technically a third one too: Goods, that little brown box that lets you refill all of your shops once they finish earning you coins. Craft items allow you to (surprise) craft various items, but there are so many of them that it can be hard to keep track. Want to learn how to get more of both? Read on to find out how!

More goods are acquired from the farm patches. You start with one farm patch, but you can purchase as many farm patches as you want – there is never a limit. The only limit is how much space you have in your town, and after you unlock your first building, which is the Elixir Maker, you can buy as many future expansions as you want.

To speed up the acquisition of goods, especially with long-term farm plot crops, you can use the time lapse cheat by setting the time ahead, then going back to the game and collecting. If you have a particular crop that only grows during certain holiday times (such as Christmas Trees), they will tend to earn you more goods per minute compared to the standard crops.

Earn more crafting items by restocking your shops, since each time that you restock, you earn new items. This is why it’s important to keep the goods flowing. Speed up the time that it takes for a building to be restock ready using the same time lapse cheat that earns you goods more quickly from the farm patches.

Different types of shops will earn you different types of craft goods, so it’s important to have as many different types of shops possible in your town (unless you find that one good is disappearing faster than the others; then, have multiples of the shop that produces that good). Some shops even produce elixir. You unlock more shops as you gain experience levels and as you expand out to buildings that are already on the map.

Defeating monsters will also earn you goods. Build up gold, then go after the monsters outside of your town and do battle. Different types of monsters will give you different types of goods.

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