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Adventure Town (iOS/Android): Get more gold and diamonds

Adventure Town is a new city builder/RPG hybrid for the iOS and Android platforms. There are two main forms of currency in this game. Gold is the most common of the currencies, but between all of the buildings that you have to buy and all of the weapons and other equipment that you can spend it on, it goes quickly. Diamonds are the premium currency and, as thus, are more rare than gold. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

There are many ways to get free gold, all of which are in the “Free Gold” button towards the top of the screen. This includes methods such as reviewing the game, connecting on Twitter and Facebook, completing special promotions, and watching advertisement videos. Plus, logging into Facebook with the game will earn you free diamonds.

One way to earn gold extremely quickly is by using the time lapse cheat. Collect all of the necessary gold, then stock all of your buildings, then set the phone or tablet ahead to where all coin-producing buildings are ready to be collected from and all shops are ready to get restocked. Repeat as often as you would want to in order to earn fast coins.

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Compound this by upgrading every single shop and home that you can. It costs gold in order to do this, and you have to find and craft items in order to do so, but it’s worth it. Find the craft items by restocking from, and collecting from buildings, as well as by killing monsters.

Fill up your city as quickly as possible – take measures such as selling all of your decorations and making room for more buildings if you have to. Put your buildings as close together as possible, and fill the blank spaces. Don’t even be afraid to sell some of your homes and shops to make room for more lucrative homes and shops.

You can get free diamonds by gaining experience levels – each level that you gain earns you one single diamond. Complete quests – especially limited-edition event quests – in order to earn more diamonds as well. Not all of the quests will earn you diamonds, but many of them will.