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Adventure Town (iOS/Android) Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 2: More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Welcome to part two of the Adventure Town tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part one of the guide.

Your characters are used to battle enemies, but once they run out of health, you have to wait for them to recover. However, if you gain an experience level, all of your characters will recover all of their health immediately. If you use the time lapse cheat as detailed in part one of this guide and set the time ahead, they can instantly recover as well.

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Speed up battles and stop your characters from dying, though. Start purchasing equipment and weapons chests from the stores. You can find the stores under the “Heroes” tab. If you just want fodder for upgrades, buy from the starter boxes, but if you are looking for a brand new weapon to use permanently and to upgrade itself, buy the highest-leveled boxes that you have unlocked. Even if your weapons and armor aren’t rare, do as many upgrades as you can to your armor, weapons, and shields.

Any time that you see an icon appear over the head of one of your townspeople, tap them. You’ll be given a specific set of tasks to complete. The next time that you talk to that townsperson after completing the tasks, they will join your party and become one of your heroes.

Not only can you level yourself up, but you can also level up your Town Guardian, which will enable you to earn more coins every time that you collect. You level up your town guardian by defeating monsters outside of the town. Tap on your Town Guardian to see how many monsters you have left to kill.

If you aren’t gaining experience quickly enough and your heroes are stuck in the middle of recovery, yet you don’t have enough crafting items to do anything with, start buying and selling one shop or house over and over again. It will cost you a good amount of gold to do this for awhile, but you’ll also earn a lot of experience points in a very short method of time. Sell your duplicate shops too if you run out of room to put new types of shops (so that you can earn more crafting items while you collect from your shops).

If you want to complete collection quests or restocking quests quickly without screwing with the time, build the required building, then collect or restock (you will be able to do this immediately), then sell the building and repeat until you have enough restocks or collects to complete the quest. This will waste some gold and goods, but it takes a TON of time off of some of the quests.

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