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Adventure Town (iOS/Android) Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 3: Even More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Welcome to part three of the Adventure Town tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part two of the guide.

Even when you are fighting common monsters and not bosses your energy tends to disappear quickly when you are fighting a lot of them. Send in multiple heroes to deal with one monster at the same time to mitigate this – you’ll kill every monster quicker and lose far less energy. This will be slightly slower than using one hero per monster, but far more effective. This will, however, cost a whole lot more gold.

Eventually you are going to have to buy expansions in order to make room for new buildings, complete quests, and unlock new buildings that are on the map but that you cannot build from the store. Your first expansion will be unlocked by quest (this is the one where you unlock the Elixir Shop). After that, you unlock more expansions by gaining experience levels. Quests are the quickest way to do that, but if you have a lot of buildings which take a short amount of time to restock, then you will earn plenty of experience over time by restocking them.

Wanna make your weapons, armor and shields extremely strong? Load up on starter weapon, armor or shield boxes, and then go to the hero equipment screen, and fuse away your starter weapons that you just bought by using them to upgrade weapons that are actually good. You will gain weapon levels rapidly this way, which will exponentially increase your attack, defense and luck statistics.

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Use this method to defeat a ton of enemies without spending too much gold, too. Pick one or two heroes to add massive amounts of equipment upgrades to, and ignore the rest of them. Now battle using only these one or two heroes, until you absolutely have to use more (such as with a much tougher boss). But considering how quickly you can upgrade equipment, it almost doesn’t even matter how many heroes you end up using.

Your heroes will also die eventually, but remember what you can use to bring them back quickly: the same old time lapse cheat that you use for everything else. Even use this if your heroes are simply low on hit points.