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Guide to MinoMonsters (version 2.0) for iPhone: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats, and strategies, part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the guide to tips and tricks in MinoMonsters version 2.0. Click here to go back to part 1 of the MinoMonsters tips and tricks guide.

When a rare monster pops up on the map and you want to try to catch them, don’t battle them until you literally have all of your candies maxed out. If ou don’t have 5 out of 5 candies, go fight battles with grublings and open boxes and let the battle stages regenerat continually until you find the candy monster. When this happens fight the candy monster and max out your candies. Only when your candies are maxed out should you go back and try to catch the monster.

To increase your chances of catching a monster with as few candies as possible, don’t just hit them until the Catch button pops up. Keep hitting and draining hit points from them until literally one more hit would kill them. Then, send in a weaker monster that won’t kill them with one more hit but will simply drain their hit points even further, and hit them one more time. Only then should you start throwing candies at them.

Even better, you can substitute in a weaker monster that isn’t even in your team before the battle and send them in after your main monster does most of the damage, just so that you can drain their hit points as low as absolutely possible without killing them. Then, after you catch them, sub out the weak monster and bring the new monster (or another strong one) back into the party.

If you want to finish battles as quickly as absolutely possible, then when you are leveling up, use the levels to increase your monster’s special ability every single time, because that has the biggest effect on how much damage a monster takes. Using a bonus to increase an attack by 20 doesn’t really do all that much, especially because once you recharge your special energy, that’s what you’ll most likely be using anyways. Defense is good but only if your monsters keep getting killed very quickly. Special attacks are the most important skill to improve rapidly.