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Guide to MinoMonsters (version 2.0) for iPhone: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats, and strategies

MinoMonsters is an iPhone and iPod touch monster collecting role playing game that has changed a lot. It started off as an exploration game, and now, the focus is more on battles and monster evolution. There are some brand new tips and tricks to go along with it, though – read on for those tips and tricks!

If you need to heal your monsters after losing a battle, but have already used up your current heal, and don’t want to wait for it to regenerate, you can regenerate it instantly, for free. Simply go to your iPhone’s settings, and go to date and time, and then set the time ahead by the amount of time needed to get another heal (generally 15 minutes at the most). Then, go back to the game, and use your free heal and you can immediately start battling again.

A great way to gain experience points is to use the same trick to bring boss monsters back in areas that you have already beaten, and then fight them again. Normally it takes about six hours to wait for a boss monster to come back so that you can fight them, but if you set your iPhone time ahead by the amount of time that you need to wait to bring the boss back, and then go back to the game, the boss will be right there, where you first beat them, so that you can beat them again and rack up the fast experience points.

If you are looking for friend codes to enter so that you can unlock the rare monster in the box, you can do one of two things to speed up the process. Simply look for friend codes in the comment box below, or post your friend code so that other players can add you!

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