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Guide to Dream Tower for iPhone: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Dream Tower is a new tower simulator for the iPhone and iPod Touch, similar in concept to Tiny Tower and Dream Heights. In Dream Tower your goal is to build your tower as tall as you can, using two different types of floors: residential and commercial floors. Residential floors can hold up to 5 residents, while businesses can hold up to 3, but the floors you can build (and thus, the residents and businesses that you can have) are theoretically unlimited. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dream Tower!

If you are tired of waiting for long periods of time for floors to finish being constructed, for items to be stocked, or for items to be sold, you can speed it up to become instant using a simple trick. Tap the menu button on your iPhone or iPod Touch, and go to the settings. Then, go to the date and time and set the time ahead by any amount of time that you choose, depending on how much you have to get done, and how long your longest task will take.

Now, go back to the game. All of the floors that are under construction will finish getting build (assuming you set the phone ahead enough), all items that needed to be restocked will now be stocked and ready for sale, and all items that were already for sale will be sold! Use this as many times as you want to rapidly build up your tower.

Early on in the game, if you want to fill up your tower very quickly, you should load up on residences. Floors 2 and 3 will be chosen for you, due to the tutorial, but floor 4 is completely up to you. Floor 4 (and even floor 5 if you so dare) should be a residence. The less floors you have, the more likely that visitors in the elevator will want to go to your residences, so you will be able to fill up your residences much more quickly. Then, after you do that, you can build 3-5 businesses in a row (depending on if you made floor 5 residential or not) and load them up with employees immediately.