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Guide to Zombie Panic in Wonderland Plus for iPhone: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Zombie Panic in Wonderland Plus is one of the craziest shooting games anyone could ask for – it’s an anime shooting game featuring skimpy-dressed anime caricatures of such classic fairy tale heroines as Snow White, Alice and Dorothy, and they all wield big guns and blow the crap out of amorous zombies who were turned into zombies by Prince Charming’s accidental zombie perfume. It’s also based off of the original Zombie Panic in Wonderland for the WiiWare platform. The game itself is so ridiculously Japanese, it’s kind of hard to believe the company that created it is Spanish. Anyways, read on for some tips and tricks for Zombie Panic in Wonderland Plus!

You have one main gun with unlimited ammo, and three auxiliary weapons – a more powerful machine gun, a flamethrower, and bombs that you can double tap in order to use. Save all three of these auxiliary weapons until loads of regular zombies pop onto the screen, though, as you can rack up MASSIVE combo attacks using these weapons. Your standard gun should be enough for the smaller batches of zombies.

All of the weapons work best after you have destroyed the house that you are trapped inside, as well. Once you have exposed the rest of the street, you can then blow away buildings rapidly with the more powerful machine gun, and set them on fire with the flamethrower. Also, look for any barrels of gasoline or fireworks, and shoot those to not only destroy nearby buildings, but nearby zombies.

Don’t move around constantly while you are shooting. Instead, stand still, but keep an eye out for when zombies launch projectiles at you. Try to follow the path of the projectile with your eyes (most of them will be aimed right at you, anyways), and do a quick move away from them so that you can concentrate on shooting the zombies again.