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Zombie Purge iPhone game guide: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Zombie Purge is a “tower defense game”, of sorts, for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, except that there are no towers to defend. Instead, you have to defend people from zombies who are trying to eat them, and you do so by tapping on the screen and shooting all kinds of attacks such as lightning and other acts of nature. While Zombie Purge can seem tough at times, read on for some tips and tricks to help.

First of all, when you unlock feeder mode in the middle of the game, don’t even bother going there to feed the zombie. Every single tip that he tells you is a tip that pops up in the middle of the game loading screen ,or otherwise is something completely obvious. The only reason to stop by feeding mode, at all, is because sometimes an extra 300 coin bonus will drop for you to pick up. Oh, and leveling the zombie up doesn’t do anything either.

Now, in the main game mode, on the levels where you have to protect humans, a great trick to kill zombies VERY quickly is first, to use the high wind attack to blow all of the zombies back in the direction that they came from. Wait until they all start bunching up together, then use a steam attack and blow up the entire bunch of them, along with a cluster lightning in the areas that you miss, or that you are about to miss.

You can use a single lightning bolt to take out more than one zombie if you want. To do that, find a small pack of zombies that are clustered together, between 3 and 5 zombies, aim a lightning bolt right into the middle of them, and then watch all of them fry instead of just one of them.

On the stages where you have to kill a certain number of zombies as quickly as possible, forget about using the heavy wind and fill your entire arsenal of moves up with nothing but attacks. A good early repertoire is single lightning, chain lightning, and steam attack, and then you can change that up as you continue on.