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Nozomi: Disaster & Hope Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, cheats, and strategies

Nozomi: Disaster and Hope, Also known as Nozomi: Clash of Zombies, is a new strategy game for the iPhone, iPad, and Android platform. You play as a colony of human refugees whose spaceship, the Nozomi, has crashed in the middle of a city where everyone has been turned into a zombie. Your goal is to restore the Nozomi, ward off zombie attacks, and defend against attacks from other players, rebuilding your buildings as they get destroyed. Read on for some tips and tricks for Nozomi: Disaster and Hope.

Right from the beginning of the game, your goal should be to upgrade your resource production and resource storage facilities so that you can produce and hold more of the resources and the game. Your three resources are food, energy, and people. Maximize your amount of food storages, energy storage is, and refugee camps in order to increase the capacity of these resources, and upgrade each of these buildings as high as you can yet them. Build and upgrade more energy collectors, food factories, and the signal towers in order to produce more of all three of these resources right at your base.

As far as battles go, your first goal should be to upgrade your army camp as soon as possible possibly can, and to build more army camps as soon as you upgrade the Nozomi enough to unlock them. The more that you upgrade the Nozomi, the more different buildings that you unlocked, and the more of the same building that you can build at a time. Having a more housing spaces for your troops will provide a massive boost when you are trying to win tough battles.

Some battles will be tough, but many other battles will be easy to be. For the ones that are easy to be, you don’t have to send in all of your troops. In fact, often times you can get away with only sending zombies into battle, which is done by placing the gravestone somewhere on the outskirts of your opponents’ base. Place them, or place the minimal number of troops near the opponents gun towers, and if you can destroy the tower or towers early on, you won’t need to send in any more troops in order to finish the battle.

Pack the buildings in your base as closely together as you possibly can. The reason for this is so that they can all be in range of your gun towers and defenses, plus this makes it easier to build walls around your entire base with out running out of walls to build. If you have a hole in the walls, place a bomb or two so that you immediately destroy whatever troops walk by the whole, or try to enter your base via that whole.