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Zombie Deathmatch – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Zombie Deathmatch is a new fighting game for the iOS and Android platforms that features zombies fighting zombies to see who’s the strongest and toughest zombie of them all. Your goal is to work your way up the numerous ladders, fight rival zombies and collect serum, weapons and armor, as well as other zombies, and then defeat the boss at the end who made you and the other zombies fight. Read on for some tips and tricks for Zombie Deathmatch!

All zombies have the same quick, medium and strong attacks, but each zombie type, and each individual zombie, has different class-specific attacks. Hit the pause screen in the middle of the game to scroll through a list of all of the attacks that you have available.

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There are numerous ways to upgrade your zombie fighters. Weapons and armor are two of them, but both of these can be very expensive. The quickest is simply to go to the “My Zombies” area and hit the upgrade button. This does not cost all that much coins, and it takes about a minute for the upgrade to finish. Upgrading zombies increases all of their statistics by a large margin, so that they can beat tougher zombies.

You can go to the prize fights or to any old battle that you have already beaten if you want to earn some more cash because you’re running out yet you need an upgrade. That, or you can go to perfect your fighting techniques, I.E. blocking and counterattacking, so that you can beat tougher zombies. Oftentimes a stronger zombie can be beaten if you have the better fighting strategy.

Switch zombies as needed, due to the class advantages some zombies have against other zombies. You’ll know because the attack stat for your zombie will appear in the green if you have a class advantage (due to being increased) or in the red if you have a class advantage (due to being decreased). And make sure to upgrade all of your zombies across the board to keep them useful later on. Brutes are strong against maulers, maulers are strong against stalkers, and stalkers are strong against brutes.

Gold is the premium currency and can be used to either buy weapons quickly or to speed up an upgrade. If you want to earn more gold but you don’t want to spend any money, you can enter a promo code or a redeem code. Or you can go to the “FREE” area and watch their YouTube video or give a like on Facebook. You can watch videos for more coins as well.