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Sunken Secrets – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Sunken Secrets is a new farming game by Big Fish Games for the iOS and Android platform. A jealous witch has placed a number of magical curses on a fantasy kingdom, as well as turning its villagers into turtles and other animals, so your goal is to fix it back up and get it running at full speed again, farming crops and producing goods. Read on for some tips and tricks for Sunken Secrets!

There is a huge amount of stuff to fix up in this game, but oftentimes one of the biggest obstacles is earning enough magic to do so. To hold more magic at a time, you’ll have to upgrade Louisa’s house, which in itself requires a lot of magic. Stock up on as much magic as you possibly can and when you have enough, it will convert into various elements of a house, such as chimneys, doors or windows, that you can attach to the house. Attach these and your magic limit will increase.

You can buy goods from other players starting immediately after the tutorial, so if you accidentally use the last of one of your crops, take some of your coins and buy some from another player. In addition, put yours up for sale to earn some more coins. Produced goods will sell for more coins than crops will, though. Prices are fixed so unfortunately, there’s no market speculation in this game.

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Want to earn free pearls without having to spend any money? Complete the achievements, and then go and collect your reward for doing so. They won’t give you a ton of pearls, but after enough time and quite a few achievements, the pearls really begin to add up.

You can also speed along your magic earnings by maximizing the amount of magic-producing buildings you have in your kingdom, and there is a huge variety of them that you can buy. As soon as you buy a building the magic will be ready, so wait until the very second that you need the magic before building something new. Currently you can’t sell anything, but if the developers add a sell command into the game, you will be able to sell magic buildings and then buy them again, essentially enabling spending coins on pearls.

You and your friends in the game (on Facebook) can help each other out with completing various tasks. If you want to add a lot of friends quickly, look or post in the comment section here or in the review areas in the App Store and Google Play. Or look for a Facebook group dedicated to the game and start adding people in the group, or post an Add-Me request.