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Decurse: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Decurse is a new city-repairing game by Big Fish Games where your goal is to farm and build, and especially to lift the evil curses off of buildings and other areas in the city. You can earn coins and gems, as well as all kinds of supplies and other goodies, turning your magical town into its own successful city. Read on for some tips and tricks for Decurse!

Farming is the first thing you do in this game and as the game continues, it continues to be more important. As you gain levels, you’ll unlock more crops that you can grow, and these crops go on to supply other production buildings, as well as complete orders from both the hot-air balloon and the request board. Build as many of the farm plots as you can so that you can grow as many crops as you can, and as big of a variety as you can.

Crystals are used to recurse everything, and you want to maximize the amount of crystal production buildings you have, so go to the building shop and check to see what your maximum that you can build is. The higher the experience level the more that you can build. Also, the higher the level, the more stuff that you can decurse; some things will be totally locked until you hit the right level.

The hot air balloon and the delivery board are two sides of the same sell-your-product coin, but with much different uses. The hot air balloon will allow you to trade some of your supplies for much rarer items, that you can then use to rebuild buildings in your village. The request board only pays out in coins and experience points, but you can sell a whole lot more stuff, get rich, and load up on the materials and levels.

Every time you gain a level and have some extra coins to spend, go through the shop and check out what new production buildings you can construct. Long-press on a building to move it if you need to make more space – an easy way to do this is to simply cram each building as close together as possible, caddy-cornering the far side against a wall.

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Also, if you need to make more space, you can put away almost anything in storage that you have in your village. It doesn’t even go into your main storage either. It goes back into the shop, you get more space to build and construct things, and you can customize your city even further than before.


Tuesday 12th of April 2022