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How to play Hay Day for the iPhone: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide.


Welcome to the beginner’s guide for Hay Day, one of the top farming games on the iPhone! You take over your parents’ farm, and build it up from a tiny little farm into a big, successful and popular farm with a great roadside stand with which you can do business! You can meet all of your neighbors and do all kinds of business with them, and even do business with your friends using your stand and their stands. Read on for the beginner’s guide for Hay Day!

When you first start the game you will be taken through the tutorial that begins with you inheriting your family’s farm, and now it’s your turn to build it up. The most basic task that you will do is farm, and to farm, you need farm plots. You start off with 3 of them. As you gain experience levels, though, you can unlock even more of them – an average of three per level. Go to the store and look at the “fields” option under the first tab to buy more of them. Tap an empty farm plot and you will have the option to plant a crop, such as wheat or soybeans.

To plant the seeds, tap the icon that corresponds to the seed (such as the wheat or soybeans) and drag the picture over the farm plots. Each plot that you drag it over will now have a seed in it! Once the crops are fully grown, tap one of them and an icon will appear that looks like a scythe. Tap it and you will be able to drag it over the fully grown farm plots, which will harvest the plants. Tap a crop that is not fully grown, and it will show you how long you have left to wait until a crop is ready to harvest. Your crops will never expire after they are fully grown.

You can hold all kinds of animals using the various animals pens that you unlock and are able to buy throughout the game. Go to the store and look under the top tab, past the “fields”, to find them. These include a chicken coop, cow pasture, pig pen, and a sheep pasture, which you unlock one by one at various levels.

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