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Hay Day for iPhone: How to get more screws, tacks, nails, bolts, duct tape, and planks, and upgrade your barn and silo for free

In Hay Day, the smash hit farming game for the iPhone, your silo and your barn are your main storage units. Your silo is what you use to store all of the crops you grow, and your barn stores just about everything else, including anything you produce from your factories, production buildings and animal pens. Both of these need to be upgraded if you want to stop running out of space to store stuff, but they all require construction equipment – namely, screws, bolts, nails, tacks, planks and duct tape. Read on to find out how to get more of all of the above, without having to spend any diamonds!

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There are two very efficient ways to get what you need. One of these is to go to the mailbox and check out the newspaper. You might find one of the six items listed above, or you might not. If you do find the items, buy them. If you do not find the items, then click one of the entries that’s selling a different item (such as eggs) and look in their roadside stand.

If they don’t have it in their store, close out of their roadside stand and go to their mailbox. Tap their box to check out their newspaper and look for an advertisement. Do it all over again until you find what you need. If someone is selling more than you need (I.E. 6 nails when you only need 2), buy them and then use what you need, and sell the rest in your own store.

Another way to get what you want is to farm, farm, farm. Grow some wheat (or any other crop, wheat is just the example because it is the fastest growing) and once your silo fills up, use it to make other items such as chicken feed or bread, or sell it in your roadside stand for a cheap price.

When you harvest crops or collect something an animal or a building produces (milk, eggs, bread etc), at random you may come across a piece of construction equipment. While the chances of that occurrence are random, they are not at all infrequent, so keep farming and you are bound to come across tacks, screws, duct tape, nails, planks and bolts every once in awhile.


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