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TheEndApp iPhone Game Guide: Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats and Strategies

TheEndApp, otherwise known simply as “The End”, is an apocalyptic 3D endless running game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Try to run as far as you can through the stage, which is different every time you play it, and collect as much duct tape as you can, to buy as many power ups and other goodies for your dystopian camp as you can. You can even post your scores and compare them to your friends’ scores, mostly for bragging rights but hey, that’s where the fun is. Read on for some tips and tricks for TheEndApp!

To get past the challenge where you have to run without getting any duct tape, you can actually pass the challenge even if you accidentally pick up some duct tape during your run. You’ll pass it and you will still get the duct tape reward at the end of the challenge, so don’t worry if you accidentally hit a few duct tapes on your run.

To get past the challenge where you have to share your score, it doesn’t matter what your score is – you can just crash two seconds into the run and share it, and you will pass the challenge. If you don’t want to bug friends with a post, then hit the share button on Facebook, and when it gives you the option to select who will see the post, select “only me”.

When you are shopping in the camp store, go for the highest duct tape pack that you can afford as soon as you can. With these duct tape packs strewn all over the stage, your earnings in duct tape on each running stage will increase DRAMATICALLY just by being able to collect these packs. Even just 3 or 4 of these packs per stage will be enough to dramatically increase your earnings.