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The Ville by Zynga for Facebook: Guide, Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats and Strategies

The Ville is a new Zynga title in which you get to live in your own house, decorate it exactly how you want to, party with your friends, and even get into relationships. It’s Zynga’s take on The Sims Social, and while in many ways it is very similar, it is also very different in an equal amount of ways. It also has its own set of tips, tricks, strategies and whatnot that can get you much further into the game, much more quickly. Read on to find out what those are!

When you want to move a room, don’t do so while there is still furniture in the room, or the furniture will disappear, which can be heartbreaking especially if you spent Ville Cash on your furniture. Instead, move all of the furniture out of the room, or place it in storage, and then move the room to wherever you want it to be. After you move the room, then put the furniture back in.

One trick to getting lots of happiness quickly would be to first, craft a homemade candle. Candles increase the happiness given by other objects in their vicinity. Then, any time that you do something with a happiness object, move the candle near that object first, and then do the task. Move it next to any object you plan to do a task by.

Load up on happiness rapidly by doing the following trick. First, wait until one of your friends calls you. Then, answer the phone, and you will get 3 happiness, and your friend will come over. Then, send your friend back immediately, rather than doing any tasks with your friend. Then, the phone will ring again, and you’ll get 3 happiness again when you pick it up. This can refill your happiness very quickly, allowing you to do more tasks.

If you want to build an outdoor patio, first, build an extra room onto your house. Then, go to the cursor icon, click on it, click on “walls” and knock down all of the walls that are surrounding the room. Voila – you have an outdoor patio now!

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