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How to play ChefVille for Facebook: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to ChefVille for Facebook! This is the latest in the “Ville” series, the most successful series of games in the history of Facebook and social gaming in general, and the first one that deals with what to do when you just have that itch to make some good food. You can cook anything from Burgers to Bruschetta, and even get real life recipes to cook. Read on for the beginner’s guide to ChefVille!

The basics to the game are as follows: Get ingredients, and then cook with them to make some good meals. However, in practice, it can be a lot longer and more drawn out than you would think it would be. You start off the game with one grill and just a few sources of ingredients. Many of your ingredients are growing in the ground, or are sitting on racks outside of stores, and you can pick them right away.

Once you pick them and shore up your list of ingredients, it’s time to cook. You start off with one grill, and once you tap it, you will be presented with a list of recipes that you can cook, provided that you have all of the necessary ingredients to cook them. Your beginner recipe on the grill is the Veggie Kebab, which only requires you to have tomatoes and onions to cook. This is just about the only recipe in the game that doesn’t require you to explore the social element of ChefVille.

Like most Zynga games, this game requires you to have friends who play the game, and to send them requests, if you really want to get anywhere. Your list of neighbors, and of potential neighbors, sits at the bottom of the game screen, and you can send an add request to anyone on the screen if you want them to be your neighbor.

In addition, many other “shops” exist in the game, such as the Milk Truck and the Mom and Pop Shop (both of which occur early on in the game). You can either pay Cash in the game in order to staff them, or send add requests to your friends. Once you have them fully staffed one way or the other, you can go back to them and collect ingredients every so often (the frequency depends on the shop or the stand).

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