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Guide to ChefVille for Facebook: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

ChefVille is the newest Zynga game, and the newest game in the Ville series for Facebook. In this game, you play as the head chef of a tiny little restaurant, and your goal is to expand your restaurant from being tiny and diminutive to being a powerhouse in the industry, highly rated, with loads of crops growing on the outside, and a whole lot of customers who are willing to pay big bucks for the food that you put out. Read on for some tips and tricks for ChefVille by Zynga!

If you are actively playing the game and you do not have the patience to wait for something that takes a long time to cook, continually cook and serve items which take a short time to cook, and serve them as soon as they are done. Take, for example, a hamburger. If there are already hamburgers on the serving table, then the new hamburgers that you cooked will simply be added onto the burgers that are already there, creating more and more servings for customers to eat.

If, however, you do want to cook a long term item, and you do have the ingredients for it, first, make sure that you have at least one empty stove or oven after you begin the process. If you do, then start cooking with one stove or oven, and then use the second one to cook short order items (such as the aforementioned hamburger) that you can keep putting down in order to keep customers satisfied while the long term item (such as the Focaccia that you can cook in the brick oven) continues to cook.

If your restaurant is still small, but you want another grill or oven, go ahead and stick it outside. It will still work just the same way that an indoor grill or oven will, except that you will have more room to serve people quicker without waiting for an eternity for your main character to slow-walk from one table to the other if you’re serving multiple customers.

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