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ChefVille for Facebook Tips: How to get free Energy and get more coins

In ChefVille for Facebook, you need energy to do just about anything whether you’re picking ingredients from plants or racks, cooking and serving meals, serving people at your tables, or completing any sort of missions. It can get irritating having to wait for your energy to come back, but spending real money on energy is no good either. Read on for a list of ways that you can get free energy in the game!

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First of all, it helps to have a lot of neighbors in ChefVille – if you don’t, you should try to invite people who are on your Facebook list who play games, especially other Zynga games such as CityVille or CastleVille. Once you have neighbors, visit their restaurants as often as possible. You will get a bonus for the first time that you visit their restaurant (a boost in energy will be sent into your inventory that you can use later on).

In addition, when you do an action in their restaurants, you will earn one free energy. You get five actions each time that you visit somebody’s restaurant, so use all five of them in order to earn all of that free energy. Also, send your friends energy, and they will be prompted by the game to send you energy back as a gift, thereby increasing the likelyhood that you’ll get energy to store in your inventory, waiting to be used.

Whenever you gain an experience level, you get a full energy refill as a reward, so if you are close to completing a quest or simply earning enough experience points to level up, then keep at it until you gain a level.

To maximize the amount of coins that you gain, first, maximize your star rating on something that you can cook often and that has readily available ingredients, such as the Veggie Kabob (which you can cook often because you unlock 2 grills very early on, and the ingredients are right there to be picked in your garden outside of the restaurant). Maximizing the star rating causes each round that you cook to have more servings. Cook said dish over and over and over, and each time you collect, the servings will be added onto one single spot on the table, so you never have to worry about running out of table room for them.


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Masako Rezendes

Wednesday 8th of April 2020