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Guide to Pocket Dungeon for iPhone: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Pocket Dungeon is a classic, old school style dungeon crawler for the iPhone. Think of it as an iOS equivalent to the old pen and paper RPGs, or the old MUDs that people used to play way back in the day on MS-DOS. It doesn’t even have a title screen. You play as an unnamed hero and, together with one of your mercenaries, you crawl through over 1,000 floors of dungeon, battling all kinds of monsters and picking up treasure along the way. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pocket Dungeon!

If you are struggling along in the game, but you don’t want to sit and wait around for your hit points to come back (it’s not that long of a wait, but still), one fix is to intentionally get yourself killed so that you have to go back to an earlier, easier floor. You’ll still keep your current experience level, and going back through the old floors will give you time to level up so that you will be stronger by the time you get to the floor you died on.

When you pick up new items, be sure to pay attention to the extra characters on their names, even if they are duplicates of old items you have. An “Orc Sword” and an “Orc Sword!” have different stats for example, with the “!” signifying some kind of bonus statistic, such as increased hit percentage.

Having a mercenary on your team is almost useless, because he doesn’t attack, and all he really does is stand there and take hits. Play with no mercenary if you choose to, and the game won’t really change at all.

If you get any kind of Power Ring, equip it for the rest of the game, as it will jack up your hit point recovery so that you can play the game more quickly, for longer stretches. Equip every single Experience Up gem that you earn, as well, for obvious reasons.