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Dungeons of Evilibrium – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Dungeons of Evilibrium is a new dungeon-crawling trading card game for the iOS and Android. You have six different sets of dungeons to crawl through for a total of 120 different dungeons, and your goal is to beat all of the dungeons, catch and collect new monsters, and strengthen your current monsters so that you can eventually beat each of the six final bosses. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dungeons of Evilibrium!

Unlike most games, this one is very open-ended. Each of the six areas is open right from the start, and each one of them is the exact same difficulty from level to level – meaning that level 1 of the Water World dungeon, for example, will have the same difficulty level as level 1 of the Fairy Forest dungeon. That means that whenever you are stuck, bored or want new cards, you can simply go to another elemental’s dungeon any time that you want to.

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Battles are normally very easy affairs, but there will sometimes be enemies that you just can’t beat. One immediate option is to use the battle boosts. The cheapest one costs 100 coins, and will increase your defense by 50 percent, and should be good for most battles that result in close losses.

If you don’t want to spend the coins or you otherwise just want to become stronger, you can always go back to old stages that you have already beaten and beat them again, fighting as many monsters as possible in order to gain experience points. Not only will you gain levels but your monsters will too, thus allowing them to become stronger.

Want to use more than two monsters in your party? Get to level 20, and you will be able to put three cards into your active party at the same time. Get to level 40 and you will be able to use 4, at level 60 you can use 5, and at level 80 you can use six of them at the same time.

Evolving your cards is the best way to strengthen them. In this game, it’s done merely by spending coins. Grind for coins by running through stages over and over without using any boosts, and when the prompt comes up after battle to try your hand at catching a monster, ignore it. Complete quests in order to earn more bonus coins, and more crystals for free, as well.