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Guide to Kingdom Conquest II for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Kingdom Conquest II is a hybrid between a real time strategy game, a third person action RPG, and a card battling game, all put out on the iOS platform by Sega. The action RPG play will be familiar to anyone who has played one of the many games of the genre, while the strategy gaming is similar to Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North. Your troops are acquired not by spending time training, but by going through dungeons and opening card packs, just like in many card battle games for the iOS. Read on for some tips and tricks for Kingdom Conquest II!

In city building mode, almost everything in your build menu is locked until your castle reaches a certain level, so start upgrading your castle right away in order to see the amount of build options expand. Build multiple warehouses because if you don’t, your resources will max out right away, especially once you start conquering other territories in the game.

You need combat points in order to go dungeon crawling/play in action mode, and they are fairly rare, as you only get one of them every two hours. Play the hardest dungeon that you can actually beat at the time, but know your limits and don’t play any dungeons that you cannot beat, because then your rewards will be far lower and combat points will be wasted. Beat a dungeon and you can earn more card packs to get more monsters.

If you have a lot of daily points, start using the auctions to your advantage to earn even more daily points. Start buying cards towards the middle of the auction list, especially if nobody else is selling a similar card. Then mark them up a bit, and resell them. Don’t get too greedy or they will be tough to resell, but this is a way to make a fast profit for doing absolutely nothing.

Take advantage of the protection time that you get when you begin the game (around 178 hours in total) to build up your resources and your castle level sky high early on, and to dungeon crawl over and over to build up your troops. Pick main troops (use uncommon, rare and super rare cards as your main ones) and use synthesis to strengthen them by sacrificing the common cards.