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Guide to Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North – Tips, tricks, cheats and strategies part 3 – Attack guide and strategies

Welcome to part 3 of the Kingdoms of Camelot – Battle for the North strategy guide. This section will focus on how to successfully attack other kingdoms and Pict camps. Click here to go back to part 2 of the Kingdoms of Camelot – Battle for the North strategy guide.

Battling people is where the game really goes from being a little bit tedious to being a whole lot of fun. You can either battle against the Pict camps, or (once you are out of beginner protection mode) against other players and their kingdoms.

First is the question of what role each troop plays. Certain troops are strong and weak against one another. Think of them as “rock, paper, scissors”. Ground troops beat horse troops, horse troops beat artillery troops, and artillery troops beat ground troops. Supply troops are just kind of there, but they’re VERY necessary because without them, you can’t effectively loot another kingdom’s supplies.

Your first troops are the Supply Troops, Light Cavalry, Militiamen and Archers. Supply Troops have 1 life star (out of a possible 4) and can carry 600 resources, as well as having a speed of 600, and adding 1 “might” to your kingdom. The other three each have 1 life and 1 attack star, 400 speed, can carry 50 resources, and add 4 might to your kingdom. The more advanced troops have higher statistics, but also higher upkeep, but they add more might to your kingdom as well, making it worth it.

To decide which other kingdom to attack, generally, try to attack one with less might than you, or the same or even slightly more (since defensive units are worth far more might). A LOT more might, though, is a red flag.

Upgrade your Eagle Eye enough that when you scout them, the scouting report tells you how many troops they have, and what kind, and then tailor your chosen army that way. Otherwise, bombard the hell out of them with troops, and hope that you win.

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Keep up on your research to get an edge in battles. Research Poisoned Edge as high as it will go to increase every one of your troops’ attack power, and research Healing Potions to increase their life.

Click here to continue on to part 4 of the Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North guide, focusing on Defense Strategies!