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Arcane Empires for iPhone: How to get a second city

In Arcane Empires, you only start off with one city, but early on, the game will tempt you with the prospect of a second city. One of the missions early in the game is to send your troops and conquer a low-level Barren Isle, which is hinted at as being something that can be used to build a second city, but there is more you need to do to get it, though. Read on for a guide on how to actually get a second city!

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The first thing that you need to do is to conquer a Barren Isle. More than likely, if you did this quest early on in the game, you ended up abandoning the isle because you had no use for it at the time, or couldn’t figure out how to build a second city with it. Go back and conquer one again – it doesn’t matter what level it is.

Another requirement is to be at level 7 in the game. No problem here, either – you’ll most likely be well beyond level 7 by the time you have what you need to build that second city.

The next, and the most difficult thing to get, is the Second City Plans. In order to get these, you can either spend 225 in gold to get it, or you can keep spinning Mikko’s Market’s game of chance in order to attempt to win it from there. Your chances to win it will go up as soon as you hit Level 10, and can unlock Mikko’s premium game of chance.

The final way to get a Second City Plans is to attack Imperial fortress and start collecting relics. The higher the level of the Imperial fortress, the higher your chances of getting relics. Store them in an Arcane Spire, which you can build on the city map. A relic set can earn you the Second City Plans as a trade in prize.

Once you get to the Second City, build a Relief Station in both cities, in order to speed up your marching between the two cities, for when you send troops back and forth.


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