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Summoners War: Sky Arena: List of essence and summoning pieces locations

Summoners War: Sky Arena has so many monsters that you can collect, that it makes most versions of Pokemon seem like a lame game. There’s some particularly rare monsters that you can collect in this game, and you can awaken any monster to turn it into a more powerful new form (well, any monster with gold stars, at least, which is about 90 percent of them). Want to know where to find the summoning pieces and the essences? Read on!

The essences can be found in the following locations:
Essence of Light = Hall of Light
Essence of Water = Hall of Water
Essence of Fire = Hall of Fire
Essence of Wind = Hall of Wind
Essence of Magic = Hall of Magic
Essence of Darkness = Hall of Dark

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The deeper you go into these dungeons, the more chance that you have of finding the rarer essence. Each one has its own secret dungeon that you can unlock when you beat all of the rounds from the original dungeons. There are three rarities: low essences, mid essences and high essences. The more powerful the monster, the more powerful the essence you’ll need.

Another way to get the essences you need is to build the fuse center and start fusing essences together. This can be fairly time consuming, as you need to have 10 essences to fuse together to get just 1 of the next rarest essence – so for example, ten low essences = one mid essence. Nevertheless, if you find it easier to beat the easier dungeons, go for this one.

The secret dungeons are where you can get the summoning pieces. Once you have enough summon pieces, you will be able to summon a secret monster. Limited events will trigger secret dungeons. These ones will be the easiest to get into, and typically, they will be around the longest.

Other secret dungeons are triggered by beating normal dungeons, such as the hall of magic or the hall of water, and these also contain specific sets of summoning pieces, but you have only one hour and ten chances to play in each of the elemental secret dungeons. Finally. if you manage to get the Hall of Heroes, you will be able to go here and battle for the rarest of the rare summoning pieces.