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The following summons will provide rares, as well:
Unknown scrolls: small chance for a 3-star monster
Mystic scrolls: you will only get a 3-5 star monster
Mystic Summon: you will only get a 3-5 star monster
Social Summon: You can get any monster of any rarity, including pre-awakened monsters

Surprisingly enough, with all four of the different types of scrolls, you can sometimes summon monsters that have already been awakened. This is a very rare occurrence, and this tends to be most likely when you use the social summon, as opposed to the other summons. Most of the time, the monster will not be awakened and you will need to do the awakening yourself.

If you want to turn literally any monster that you come across into a rare monster, you can do that with evolution. Evolution can be done to any monster all the way up to a level of six stars. This includes even one star monsters. Just max out the level, then evolve them, then do it all over again. Every monster can be rare this way. Even angelmon, rainbow angelmon and devilmon can be found this way.

Rare three, four, five, and six star Angelmon, Rainbow Angelmon and Devilmon can sometimes be found in the Cairos dungeon as well. This is a very infrequent occurrence, though; usually, if you want to find the rear ones, you will need to evolve them yourself. Typically this isn’t much of a daunting task, because many of them are already at their maximum level when you find them.

This game in general has less set locations for rare monsters than others like Brave Frontier, and more deviations, meaning that rare monsters can pop up in many different places. Depending on the monster, an evolution can increase the rarity/star level.

In addition, sometimes the loot drops will differ from what shows up on the loot info list on the main map screen. The ones in the loot info list are obviously the ones that you are the most likely to find, but sometimes, the game does its own thing as well.

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