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Summoners War: Sky Arena – How to get mystical scrolls and unknown scrolls

Summoners War: Sky Arena is a smash hit new role playing game for the iOS and Android platforms. Like most role-playing games with trading card elements, you have many ways of summoning new monsters. Unknown scrolls will summon the common monsters, while mystical scrolls will summon the rare and powerful ones. Read on to find […Read More]

Summoners War: Sky Arena – List of Rare Monster Locations, Page 2

The following summons will provide rares, as well: Unknown scrolls: small chance for a 3-star monster Mystic scrolls: you will only get a 3-5 star monster Mystic Summon: you will only get a 3-5 star monster Social Summon: You can get any monster of any rarity, including pre-awakened monsters Surprisingly enough, with all four of […Read More]

Summoners War: Sky Arena – How to power-up, skill power-up and evolve your monsters, page 2

There is literally no limit to how far you can evolve a monster. Every monster, even those one-star silver-star monsters, have the potential to be six-star monsters eventually (or seven star or eight star because you know the developer is going to add that to the game eventually). The silver star monsters may not be […Read More]

Summoners War: Sky Arena: How to get rare (three, four, five and six star) monsters, page 3

Another note on evolution. You can evolve monsters literally as much as you want to. Any monster, including a 1-star monster, can be evolved until it eventually becomes a six-star monster. This is the more time consuming way to build a team but it’s arguably a little bit more fun this way, because who doesn’t […Read More]

Summoners War: Sky Arena – Where to find Angelmon, Rainbow Angelmon and Devilmon

Angelmon and Devilmon are a very special type of monster that you can acquire in Summoner Wars: Sky Arena. They have their own special effects that are specific to each monster. Angelmon can provide huge experience point boosts when they are used as material for a matching element, and Rainbow Angelmon can provide a huge […Read More]