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Summoners War: Sky Arena – How to win in the arena

In Summoners War: Sky Arena, multiplayer battle is one of the most rewarding things you can do. You and other players can duke it out, and you can earn loads of rewards including crystals, glory points, and bragging rights. Read on for a full attack and defense guide for the arena in Summoners War: Sky Arena!

Your main goal, of course, should be to put out the strongest monster team that you possibly can. This involves doing the usual methods, including summoning monsters that are three stars and up, powering up, evolving, awakening your monsters, and making sure that they are fully equipped with runes. In addition, make sure that the runes are powered up as much as possible.

The same thing is true for your defense, but you must remember that your defensive deck is different than your attack deck. Go to your summoners tower to choose your defense of deck. As much as possible, you should use monsters of varying elements so that you can defend against any team without leaving yourself open to being at an elemental disadvantage.

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Always look at your opponents team before you attack them. What level are there monsters? Stick to opponents whose level is lower than yours, and only go away from this when their team’s rarity tends to be lower than yours. Always look for an elemental advantage; for example, if their team is loaded with fire monsters, use water monsters, and if their team is loaded with water monsters, use wind monsters.

Focus on defeating their weakest monsters first, so that you have less to deal with later on in the battle and so that you can get the fight over with as quickly as possible. This is especially important if they have our arcane towers, because those can do a large amount of splash damage to your team.

Always build the maximum number of arcane towers as your experience level will allow. These work passively to bolster your defense, by automatically attacking the team of any player that attacks you. The more towers that you have, the more attacks will be automatically launched against your rivals.

Checking the other team’s monster experience levels is especially important when you are facing off against rivals in the arena. Your rivals are often listed at fairly low levels, but their monsters are usually at much higher levels than they themselves are, so be careful before you attack them.