PlunderNauts: How to get rare and legendary spaceships and equipment

PlunderNauts is the cartoonish new space pirate simulator by Backflip Studios, the same company that released the smash hit DragonVale years ago. Like almost every iOS and Android game out there nowadays, there are card collection elements to this game. Your equipment and your spaceships are graded by rarity, with the rear equipment being vastly more powerful and usually featuring special attributes. Read on to find out how to get more rare and legendary equipment in PlunderNauts!

Check back at the store every half an hour or so, because that is how often the inventory refreshes. Rare equipment sometimes pops up there, but usually it’s common equipment with a little bit of uncommon equipment mixed in for good measure. Legendary equipment never pops up in the store.

Your best bet for getting rare and legendary equipment is by using the Forge. Generally, you have a slightly better chance of earning rare and legendary equipment if you place materials with a higher rarity into the Forge machine, but often times the rarity of your equipment tends to be random. Forging materials together also causes them to turn into new equipment; usually uncommon, but this actually provides you a better chance at more powerful equipment.

Legendary equipment rarely appears, even when you do a lot of forging in the spaceport. Your best shot at her and legendary equipment is in the battles. More specifically, when you beat a boss of an entire galaxy, you will earn some extremely rare equipment as a reward. When you beat a regional boss, he or she will usually earn you rare equipment as a reward.

Your method of getting rare spaceships tends to be limited to buying them in the store. Complete bounties and save up your antimatter so that you can buy more expensive ships in the store, rather than just buying the next ship up from what you already have.

There is another way to get rare spaceships. You have to have at least four ships at a time in order to pull this off, because you cannot use your active spaceship in the Forge. Put three spaceships in the Forge that you don’t want anymore, and then forge them together. This will cost a ton of gold but it’s worth it. Wait for the Forge to finish, and when it’s done, your three old spaceships will merge into one new, far more powerful spaceship.

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