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Pickle Pete: How To Get Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary Equipment

Pickle Pete is a popular mobile game for the iOS and Android platforms where you play as a mutated pickle who is absolutely stacked with weapons, and you shoot through endless waves of zombies. The waves get tougher and tougher, so you end up needing equipment with higher and higher rarity. There are multiple different tiers of equipment, and you can unlock all of it, without even having to spend any money, although money can certainly help.

Read on for a guide to getting uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary equipment in Pickle Pete!

Uncommon equipment is the equipment with a green background, and is one step above common equipment, which has a gray background. Uncommon equipment, despite its name, is actually pretty common. You can earn it easily from small chests, medium chests, and large chests.

In addition to this, you can also earn uncommon equipment by evolving common equipment and merging it together. This is done by taking three identical common items and merging them. On top of that, uncommon equipment occasionally drops when you complete a stage, or when you collect your patrol earnings.

The missions are also an excellent way to earn uncommon equipment. Missions unlock later on in the game, around the time that you beat chapter 5 or 6, and they give you specific tasks to complete in order to earn prizes.

Rare equipment is equipment with a blue background. Just like with the uncommon equipment, you can merge rare equipment, in this case by taking three pieces of identical uncommon equipment and merging them together. This will transform them into a piece of rare equipment.

Another way to get rare equipment is from medium and large chests. Small chests do not give you the chance at getting rear equipment, but they can give you uncommon equipment that can then be used to merge into rare equipment.

Another way to earn rare equipment is to check the store for daily deals. Typically, there is one piece of rare equipment on sale per day, and since the store refreshes every 24 hours, the rare piece of equipment will also refresh. It typically costs 250 gems.

Epic equipment is equipment with a purple background. Just like with the previous two rarities, merging is a surefire way to get epic equipment; in this case, you can merge three identical pieces of rare equipment into one piece of epic equipment.

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Epic equipment also comes from medium and large chests, but not from small chests. The drop rate is much smaller than it is for rare equipment, though, so you are very unlikely to get it from chests unless you spend a lot, as the drop rate is only 6% per item that you open.

There are a few other decent ways to get epic equipment, such as from limited edition events, and from the missions. These are also likely to have a very small chance of earning you epic equipment, but the chance is still there.

Legendary equipment has a gold or orange background, and is the rarest type of equipment in the entire game. You can merge epic equipment into legendary equipment, but unlike with the previous three rarities, the rules are completely different.

To get this equipment by merging, first, take two pieces of epic equipment that fit into the same equipment slot. They don’t have to be identical, they just have to both be epic. When you merge them, you will get a piece of epic plus one equipment.

Take two pieces of epic +1 equipment that fit into the same equipment slot, and you will be able to make a piece of epic +2 equipment. Next, take three pieces of epic +2 equipment that fit into the same slot, and merge them together. You will finally have your piece of legendary equipment.