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Chrome Valley Customs: Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Chrome Valley Customs is a new puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms where you get to restore classic cars and customize them to your liking, while also completing match three puzzles in order to earn the coins and gems to do so. Your character owns an auto shop that has been swindled by a former employee, so your goal is to make as many happy customers as possible so that you can restore the shop to its former glory.

Read on for a collection of tips and cheats for Chrome Valley Customs!

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If you are a fan of match three games, then you know the drill as the gameplay is largely the same, but if you’re new to the genre, there are plenty of tips and tricks to know. Matching three identical tiles clears them, while matching four identical tiles in a row creates a rocket, which can then clear out a line either horizontally or vertically.

Matching five tiles in either an L shape or a T shape creates a bomb, which creates a 3 x 3 explosion. Matching four tiles in a square creates a spinning top, which automatically knocks out some of the tiles that you need to get rid of in order to meet your goal. Matching five in a row creates a rainbow piece, which can knock out every tile of a certain color.

Mixing two of the special tiles in a row can create even more mayhem. For example, two rockets can knock out lines both horizontally and vertically. A rocket and a bomb can knock out an entire three lines in a row. Mixing any special tile with the rainbow piece turns every tile of a specific color into that piece, and mixing to rainbow pieces together will knock out every single tile on the level at the same time.

Your goal is to finish each stage as quickly as possible, with as many moves left over as possible. The more moves that you have left over, the more extra destruction that will happen when you finish the levels, and the more extra destruction that happens, the more gems and other bonuses you earn.

You have up to five lives at a time in this game, which are represented by hearts. If you lose a level, you lose a life, but if you beat a level, you get to keep all of your hearts. When you run out, you generally have to wait for them to come back, and that can take up to half an hour per life.

There are a few ways to speed things along, though. You can use gems to purchase a new life, or you can try setting the time ahead on your phone or tablet in order to make your lives come back quicker. This will mess things up whenever you set the time back to normal, though, so use this sparingly.

You can focus on the customs and restoration work if you want to, but if all that you’re doing is playing for the puzzles, then you can simply ignore the custom work and play level after level. You can play as many puzzle levels as you want without having to pay attention to the custom work.

Once you finish customizing a car, another customer will roll the car into the shop, and you will unlock more of the story. If you played through this game super quickly, then it’s possible that you will outpace the story and run out, but the developers are constantly adding new cars and new elements of the story to the game, so be sure to turn on automatic updates or update the game yourself in order to get the newest parts.

On the main screen, tap the car icon in the lower left corner in order to scroll through all of the chapters. You can go through and review any car that you have already completed, and you can also see what future characters and cars are available once you work your way up to them.

You can also tap the wrench icon in the lower left corner of the screen to change body parts and modifications on any part that you have already purchased. All changes to the car are completely free after the initial purchase, so you can go back and customize the car all that you want at any time that you want, without having to spend a thing.


Wednesday 20th of September 2023

Once you get up to a certain point, it is almost impossible to complete each level. In the past month, I have completed 4 levels. I log in 4 times a day, go through the 5 lives they give and then have to wait to build them back up. The level I am on now, I have been trying to complete for 3 weeks. I have attempted it at least 85 times. Have not even come close. Half the board is locked down and the only way to get into it is to collect red gas cans. You need 30 however, you barely get enough of them in the moves given. Typically you have 10 moves left after you open that side. Then, you still have boxes of parts to open and you have to cover the entire board with mats. Extremely frustrating.