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Dash Valley: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Dash Valley is a new ball-shooting game for the iOS and Android platforms with levels and with endless modes. Your goal is to make it through increasingly tough levels, unlocking new balls and making it to the end of the game, as well as to build up a large collection of balls, including special/secret balls. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dash Valley!

Making it through the levels is easy at first, but it becomes dicier and dicier as you go further into the game. You have to deal with moving platforms, as well as the green platforms, which bounce you in the direction that they are facing, and the yellow spikes, among other things. So watch out for new challenges as you make it farther into the game, as well as much narrower spaces.

When you tap on the control circle at the bottom of the screen and hold it without shooting, the game slows down significantly, but you will keep going in the same direction that you otherwise would have to begin with. Use the slowdown tactic to gauge where your ball is going. Hold for awhile, wait for a small opening, and then aim at it and shoot through it.

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Once you pass level 10, the infinite mode, which is the endless version of the game, will be unlocked. In this mode, the levels are randomized and endless, and they get harder and harder as you go. The further that you go, the more infinite points you earn. Infinite points serve as the score in this mode, and you can compete for the highest score worldwide in infinite mode.

Also, once you pass level 10, you’ll unlock ten more levels, so the level counter will show level 11/20. Pass level 20, and ten more will show on the level counter. Currently there are a total of 50 levels in the game, although as more updates are added to the game, more levels will be unlocked.

You can unlock all kinds of secret balls in the game. There are four different categories of balls. The adventure mode balls can be unlocked with every ten levels that you beat. The premium balls can be unlocked by watching specific numbers of ad videos per ball. The infinite mode balls can be unlocked by scoring high enough in infinite mode. The special balls can be unlocked with specific tasks, such as getting a new high score five times or by tapping on 500 menu buttons.