Bloons Adventure Time TD: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Bloons Adventure Time TD is the latest addition to the Bloons franchise, which has historically been one of the most popular premium game franchises for iOS and Android. This one is free-to-play, featuring the Adventure Time characters such as Finn, Jake, and Max as they take on the Bloons in order to make others safe. You can build up a team of characters, load up on coins, gems, and shards, and fight through increasingly more difficult levels. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bloons Adventure Time TD!

One of the biggest keys to success is where you place your characters. Before the level begins, watch the path or paths that the Bloons will take, and place your characters where they will have a shot at hitting the Bloons during multiple passes, so that they can do the most damage possible. When you get to levels with multiple roads, place your characters where they will hit Bloons on all roads.

In between waves, always check to see if you can upgrade a character. It’s easy to get caught off guard when you hit four easy waves in a row, and then get blown away by a surprise tough wave because you let your upgrades lapse. And during tougher waves, be sure to slow the speed down to 1x to make it easier to do on-the-fly upgrades.

You’ll unlock loot as you go through the game, such as weapons, allies, and trinkets. Each thing can be equipped by a specific party member. Weapons will increase range and attack power. Trinkets will boost some other skill, such as attack speed. Allies can be called in during a battle for an attack boost.

Some of the new characters can be unlocked with a premium purchase. Other characters can be unlocked by completing specific levels. Head to the character screen and tap on one of the character silhouettes with a question mark over it. Inside their profile, you’ll see what level you’ll have to complete in order to unlock them.

Powers can be a game changer during a tough battle, and can be used to knock out Bloons that have escaped from all of your characters. Use the coins that you earn from each level to upgrade your powers. Time them well when you use them in battle so that you can hit as many strong Bloons as you can when you use them.