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Top Troops: Adventure RPG – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Top Troops: Adventure RPG is a new hybrid between a tactical RPG and merge game for the iOS and Android platforms. You can merge troops together, unlock a number of different rare troops, maximize your gems, gold, squad coins, unlock premium territory, and a whole lot more. You can even battle against other players or complete quest in order to advance through the game.

Read on for a collection of tips and cheats for Top Troops: Adventure RPG!

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This game is primarily about two things: merging troops together, and then using those troops to fight enemies. If you merge three of them together, you get one troop of the next level. If you merge five together, you get two troops of the next level up. If you merge seven of them together, you get three troops of the next higher level, and so on and so forth, so merge as many of them together as possible in order to maximize your return.

Fighting happens automatically in this game; your role in the fight is building a smart team. You should have tanks, may damage troops, and range damage troops. The tanks are troops with high defense, such as trolls, which will take the brunt of the damage, while your male Range troops are able to attack in relative safety.

Even though you might want to do as many emerges as possible, don’t merge your troops too quickly. You want to have enough troops to build a balance team, and if you lose too many of the wrong type of troop to merging, especially trolls and other tanks, you’re going to get stuck for a very long time, until you are able to train more.

If you run out of tanks, such as trolls, and you get stuck, your best move will be to unlock more chests, of course, but also to go to the library and use your squad coins to power up your trolls and your other tags, if you have one or two in the party, as high as absolutely possible. The longer that they can hang around and do damage, the longer that your other troops will be able to hang around and do the same thing.

Be sure to tap on the little shiny things that are flying around your kingdom. When you do, they will transform into battle energy, squad coins, and various other bonuses. You can either collect them right away, or you can wait until three or more drop and then merge them together for even bigger bonuses to collect.

As you make your way through the game you can unlock the arena, events & quests, the ancient battle, clan wars, tower of fate, tower of factions, the chamber of Destiny, and the magic island. All of these represent different ways to play the game and different sorts of challenges, and the tougher the challenge, the more rare the troops and prizes that you will be able to unlock.

Save your gems in order to unlock the premium territory. Not only will you have more places to put troops, but you will also unlock extremely rare chests, which can allow you to unlock very rare troops. The first premium territory costs 600 gems, which can be earned without even having to spend any money.