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Beedom – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Beedom is a new MMORTS for the iOS and Android platforms where you guide a colony of bees to their destiny rulers of the biggest and most powerful hive out there. You can merge to upgrade or bees, constantly build and merge new buildings, do battle against enemies in PV and PVP modes, collect nectar and honey, as well as rare heroes and other goodies.

Read further for collection of tips and tricks for Beedom!

The most important thing to know about this game, and the thing that makes it unique over other games of its type, is that you can merge almost everything. You can merge bees of all types together, just as long as the bees are identical, in order to make higher level bees. You can merge together almost every type of building as well, such as your barracks, in order to get a stronger leveled version of whatever the building does.

When you battle, battles happen automatically, with moves controlled by the computer, and the victor is generally determined by who has the better statistics. Of course, you can maximize your statistics by having the highest merged bee troops possible, and having them occupy as many spaces in your battle lineup as possible.

An easy way to find the rewards that you unlock in order to claim them is to follow the little red dots that up here next to icons within the game from time to time. If there is a free reward to be collected, then a red dot will appear next to it.

It’s not always best to collect your rewards right away, though. When the reward is something that can be stolen by other players after they attack your kingdom, then don’t collect the reward until you actively have a need to spend what you would earn. Rewards cannot be touched by other players until they are actively collected.

At some point, be sure to go to your bag and look through everything, especially as you explore, fight, and collect certain items. Many items will give you evolution materials and hero experience, while some items will even give you free nectar, which is the premium currency of the game.

Your bee heroes not only have an attack of their own that they can use in battle, but they also have effect that can benefit your entire army of bees. as you go through the game you will acquire new heroes a various rarities, including SR and SSR, so always try to put the rarest possible heroes at the front of your party, and give them the majority of the upgrades and equipment.

With more heroes, though, you can engage in more raids simultaneously, as long as you have enough troops to do so. This significantly increase the rewards that you get, as well as your dominance on the server, so collect all of the heroes that you can, and make sure that you have enough troops to put up a good fight.

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