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Bee Leader Tips and Tricks Guide – Hints, cheats and strategies

Bee Leader is a new adventure-puzzle game for the iPhone and iPad, as well as for some Android devices. This game puts you in the “shoes” of a bee whose goal is to collect pollen, and then take it back to the hive in order to turn it into honey. Along the way you can build up an entire army of bees to help you out, but you have to avoid the enemy bugs, as they’ll cause you to lose your nectar and have to start over again. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bee Leader!

While it may seem tempting to stay away from your hive and stay out collecting as much nectar as possible, make many trips back to the hive. When you deposit your nectar there, not only can it not be taken away from you, but you will also earn a honey bonus equal to roughly 10 percent of the nectar that you have previously collected.

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Go back to areas that you have collected nectar from already, because after a fairly short amount of time, all of the nectar will regenerate. Go back and collect it after you have dropped nectar off at your hive. Keep doing this until time runs out.

Of course, you will want to make time last as long as possible, so fly along the ground looking for alarm clocks, which will increase the amount of time left on the stage once you collect them. Collect them, and collect as many follower bees as possible to maximize the honey bonus from each nectar collected (and to truly be the “Bee Leader”). However, AVOID the big red bees at all costs, as they will follow and sting you and steal your nectar.

If you don’t like the game controls, scroll to the left from the beginning of the level select menu (or all the way to the right), and then scroll once to the left and you’ll come to an options page. There are MANY different control schemes that you can choose to control the game, such as fixed joysticks, tilting, or touch controls, so pick the one that you like best and you could find yourself doing FAR better at Bee Leader.