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Epic War: Teleport Run – Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Epic War: Teleport Run, formerly known as Epic War: Unlock Screws, is a popular combination idle RPG and puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to make your way through level after level of battle, increasing the power and the wealth of your team, earning coins, diamonds, and more. You also have side quests where you get to play various puzzle games. The previous one was a screw unlocking puzzle, and the current one is a teleporting attack puzzle; the puzzles in this game allow you to earn gems, dragon eggs, new characters, and a whole lot more.

Keep reading for a collection of tips and cheats for Epic War: Teleport Run!

Battles happen automatically in this game, but there is still a lot for you to do. Not only do you have to manage your team of heroes, but you have to manage your soldiers as well, which requires a lot of activity, due to the merge elements. You can have a limited amount of heroes in your battle party at the same time; be sure to fill the rest of the spaces with your troops.

Merge two troops together in order to increase their level. Eventually, you will run across the maximum merge level in order to upgrade that, you have to increase the level of your castle. In order to unlock more troop spots at a time, you have to make it further and further through the battle levels.

When you summon more troops but you don’t have enough space for them, they will go into your barracks. In order to merge your troops quickly, tap on the barracks and tap “recall all“ in order to take all of your troops off the battlefield. Then, hit the “merge“ button in order to merge as many of them as you can at the same time. There is a button to merge troops on the battlefield and troops in the barracks together, but it never works properly.

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Contained within this game is a puzzle minigame. The developers like to swap it out every once in a while; it used to be unlocking screws, and at the present moment, it’s a puzzle game where you use teleportation attacks to get rid of enemies on platforms. For each level you beat, you will earn gems, keys, summoning scrolls, and other goodies.

When you are battling, if you want to go idle for a bit but you still want level advancement, start a battle and then put your phone down, and the game will continue battling by itself. Eventually you’ll run into a level that poses problems. At that point, all that you have to do is stop the auto, fill your empty troop slots, upgrade the castle, merge troops together, and then continue battling.

Be sure to summon heroes as often as possible using the summoning scrolls. This game tends to be rather generous about rare, epic, legendary, and mythical heroes . You’re going to have more slots in battle as you go further into the game, so you’re going to need powerful heroes to fill them.

You can also promote heroes by sacrificing identical heroes that have the same rarity and star rating. Promoting a hero increases their star rating, which increases their overall power to equal the next highest rarity. Promote your heroes as high as possible, especially the rarest of your heroes, for amazing results.

As you get further into the game you will be able to unlock the world map, where you can battle against other players, as well as alliances, or you can join up with other players for team battles, bonuses, stat boosts, and all kinds of other goodies. Join an alliance as soon as you unlock it in order to maximize your abilities.