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Raid Rush – Best Card Deck Guide and List

Raid Rush is a popular tower defense game for the iOS and Android platforms where you defend your headquarters against wave after wave of enemies, with some extra twists that make it unique. You can build and lengthen your path, as well as change the shape of it, and choosing the positioning and layout of your gun towers, while earning coins and gems in the process. You can even speed up your game, as well as earn a number of premium bonuses, including rare, epic, legendary, and mythical towers.

These towers can be organized into a deck of cards, with each card representing one tower, and each debt containing six total cards. The best deck can give you a massive advantage over the enemy in both the standard mode in the event modes, while a poorly built deck can leave you struggling.

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Read on for a guide on how to build the best deck of cards, as well as suggestions for the best deck, in Raid Rush!

For quite a while, you will have very few options as to what cards you can put in your card deck in order to make a complete deck. As you move through the chapters, though, and as you open more chests, you will unlock more different types of towers, which will give you more choice.

As you get further into the game, more different towers and cards will unlock. By the time you are around chapter 40, you will have a massive amount of cards in your collection. More cards can be unlocked by opening boxes in the store.

Cards differ depending on their use. Some cards are better against single enemies, while other cards are better against large groups. Some cards can only target around enemies, while some targets can only target air enemies, while some cards target both types.

You have to pick six different cards to be on your team; you cannot pick two of the same card. Make sure to put together a well-rounded team. Some cards should target ground troops, some cards should target air, some cards should target large groups, and some cards should deal massive amounts of damage to bosses.

Some of the support towers are also extremely useful. The Supporter will sit next to other towers and power them up, so even though it’s not attacking on its own, it can be extremely effective especially as it touches a number of other towers.

Some towers will also significantly slow down the enemy. The towers for this are the Garrison and the Drone Launcher, because they will send soldiers and drones into the main road, forcing enemies to stop moving in order to fight them. This is extremely effective in doing a ton of damage to the boss, especially paired with strong attack towers, and in preventing the boss from damaging your base.

If you want to build an entire team consisting only of cards that target all types of enemies, then you would want to use the Tesla, Laser, Vulcan, Multi Barrel, Drone Launcher, and Inferno in your team. These are all some of the best cards in the game, and every single one of these cards targets both air and ground enemies, so no matter what the composition of enemies in your current level, you will always have a fighting chance.