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Raid Rush – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Raid Rush is a new tower defense game for the iOS and Android platforms where you defend your headquarters against wave after wave of enemies, with some extra twists that make it unique. You can build and lengthen your path, as well as change the shape of it, and choosing the positioning and layout of your gun towers, while earning coins and gems in the process. You can even speed up your game, as well as earn a number of premium bonuses, including rare, epic, legendary, and mythical towers.

Keep reading for a collection of tips and tricks for Raid Rush!

One of the big draws of this game is the ability to shape your path, unlike other tower defense games, which have set level designs, for the most part. Try to make your path as long as twisty as possible. The more twisty that it is, the longer than it will take enemies to get through, and you will also have spaces next to the corners where you can put your strongest towers.

When you are placing your gun towers, take into account their ranges, and try to place them in positions that target the most possible enemies. Save corner spots, which have almost double the range, for area damage towers such as the Tesla. Mortars cannot fire immediately next to themselves, but can fire at a distance, so whenever possible, save space next to your road by placing mortars one space away, rather than right next to it.

You can collect up to 90 free gems per day in the shop so collect all of the free gems that you can by watching advertisement videos. Achievements are also an excellent source of free gems, as are many other things, so be sure to accumulate all of the free gems that you can, especially if you are a free player that does not make any purchases in the app.

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You can earn rare gun towers and other equipment in two different ways. One is by opening chests in the shop. Your best shot at earning the best equipment is to save your gems and spend it on 10 items at a time, rather than one at a time, to decrease your overall spend per item, or to go to the daily deal shop and purchase specific rare equipment if you see it there.

Another way to increase the rarity of your equipment is to merge equipment together. Three identical common towers will become one rare tower, three identical rare towers will become one epic tower, etc. For this reason, be sure to collect all of the common equipment that you can, even if you don’t think that you’ll need it.

There are always special events going on, so be sure to participate in these for more chances to earn free gems, blueprints, equipment, and so on.

If you do like to make purchases with games, the defense pass or the premium pass are worth considering. Not only do you get a massive amount of bonuses, such as chest keys and gems, as soon as you make the purchase, but you can cancel the battle pass at any time if you decide you don’t want to pay the monthly price.