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Empires of Sand: The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Empires of Sand is a mix of tower defense and reverse-tower defense for the iOS and Android platforms. You have a base to build like in Clash of Clans, along with troops that you can train to attack other people, as well as a number of defensive towers that you can build along the path to stop other troops and neutral troublemakers from attacking you as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Empires of Sand!

Battles consist of a number of different strategies. Defense is always going to be the main goal, though, so load up on defensive towers first to stop neutral troops, which are the most numerous of all, from attacking you. This alone will win you most PvP battles, since neutral attackers come in higher and higher numbers, and if your defense is up to snuff, they will destroy the other player before you even get the chance to.

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Save up your prayers in battle so that you can unleash a large number of troops at the same time. It’s best to have prayer towers so that you can send out even larger numbers of troops. Wait until the neutral attackers come out in large numbers, then send your troops at the right time so that they mix in with the neutral attackers, causing a gigantic horde for the other player to deal with.

Use your winnings from these battles to upgrade buildings in your city as soon as possible for maximum resource gain and troop strength. Upgrade the defensive tower headquarters to give your towers the ability to power up and upgrade in battle, and spend resources in the barracks to power up your troops and to unlock new troops. The bigger troop variety you have, the more battle strategies you can execute.

Your strategies should depend on what towers the other player builds, as well. If they load up on magic towers, for instance, flood their paths with scarabs, which are a small troop that can be sent out in large numbers. If they load up on archer towers, send out more powerful troops, which will be in smaller numbers, but will naturally take very little damage from the archers.

If they change strategies on you, throw them off by selling some of the towers that are no longer having an optimum effect, and buy new towers in their place. For example, if you load up on magic towers and they start hitting you with floods of scarabs and eagles, sell your magic towers and replace them with archer towers.

Make use of the other support towers too. Barrack towers will place troops in their path, allowing you to slow attackers down so that they take more hits. Magic spells, such as meteors are a force multiplier. Use them the most effectively by aiming them at large groups of enemies that have just gotten released so that your towers have an easier time with the group.